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“You said you will come this week!”

“Counsel you are distorting the facts!”

He smiles but does not admit the truth.

“You told me you would come this weekend, and I will come the next,” I reply, ensuring words are separated properly, and would cause no more confusion.

“Oh! Come on!”

I had forgotten this game of repeating the same thing, while the other would not admit what he said less than one hour ago.
I had spoken to him a few minutes ago, and I was pretty sure as to how the conversation went. Actually I could tell each word of the conversation. It was a blessing or a curse I possessed: being able to recite what others tell, even when I should not be remembering it.

“So are you are not going to come?” he repeats. It was like talking to a kid, who was not willing to lose an argument. (Mental note: two lawyers together can be a little problematic at times, specially neither lets go of one’s case)

“You know I can’t! I thought we went through this once!” I reply, finally frustrated at him for just picking a stupid fight, for the sake of annoying me.

“I do not want to fight with you!”

“You call this fighting?” he asks.

I decide silence be the best treatment for him, simply knowing that he was just trying to get my attention.

“We are not going to do this! I will talk to you later!” I tell him.

“Are you crying?”

I was not crying, but on the verge of exploding after a long exhausting day, that seemed never ending.

We both wait.



“I miss you!” he says.