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Aiden left this morning.

I watched him pack all his clothes into the back pack, without uttering a word. I did not tell him that I would miss him. He already knew that. And I knew he would miss me more, in his new aboard in Milan while trying to connect words to finalise his thesis.

We walked to the station together, as usual, under the shade of the trees I had started to love, and the silence and the calm I appreciated. Life seemed to fall into place, and summer had finally settled in, and the sun was up after days, without any clouds or gloom.

He hugs me tight, and I rest my face against his nape. I was missing him already, though my mind was occupied with the work that would have to be finished in the next few hours. Our parting hugs are always long, like an effort to make sure we remember the warmth in case life gets tough on us, and doubts seep in with too much space and distance between us.

I watch him walk away, wishing he would turn back. He does not, and disappears into the dark of the subway tunnel.

Note : This one is for Erandi, who ensures I keep posting horrible writing which she would access during her boredom 🙂