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It’s 7 am and Akashiv finally decides it’s time to doze off. Morning dancing with him has become a norm. While waking every other hour in the night till 5 am has become the tradition. No no no! Akashiv will not break the tradition, and mummy should get up when he makes weird noises while pretending to sleep.

Life has tuned to zombie mode. I have realized that I get more sleep when on a demanding work travel where I get about 3 hours of sleep at a stretch than when I am home supposedly with more leisure. I have been an insomniac most of my youth, but then is had barely prepared me to face the demanding mummy-mode.

Who to blame for Akashiv’s hyper-activity? Mummy of course! I mean who decided to put the radio and keep swirling around with him when he woke up at 2am in the night and refused to sleep as a 3 weeks old baby? MUMMY!

Now Akashiv has decided to return the favour. How? Of course by upholding the tradition! What’s not to be appreciated than a good session of house music, or a Latin summer music. (Akashiv is very specific about his slumber music).

I put the dance music, and my son starts jumping up and down on bed or his cot, while raising his arms to be carried by mummy. I take him and he perches himself and starts rocking to the beat(a toddler head-bang). When the music gets faster he starts falling asleep (weird much?)

I have watched my parents try to put the kid to sleep using the most sophisticated form of traditional music which would be slow, soothing, and well pretty much sleep-endearing. But then, Akashiv is like no normal kid. He has to revert his ways from others, he likes dance music to fall asleep. And here I am picturing my kid at 18 dozing off at a party thanks to the lovely music! (Way to go mummy!)

I watch him finally happily asleep on my bed. (He had refused to enter his zone of the room – the cot and the play pen). He seems to prefer mummy’s bed to his zone. I want bed! I want bed! (I dread the day he starts shrieking and my pressure levels increase. He has already started going “tha-th-thaaaaa” in a very high pitch, ear-piercing mode, calling “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-dddddddddy” to his grandpa.)

Life has changed so much with motherhood. It has redefined life for me, with not much sleep, but a load of responsibilities towards a shrieking kid who wants his mummy provided his grandpa is not at home. We do know where our priorities are. Don’t we?!