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I seek for suggestions for good restaurants in his home town.

Specifications : Noiseless and without men staring at legs!

He makes a suggestion, and after a moment of googling I realise that I have already been there on a wrong day with teenagers shrieking their heads off. Terrible diner that was, with too much alcohol on my table, and too little appetite and a hoarse voice prior to my exit.

Second suggestion: colours too loud, red and blue with metal chairs! (at least from the photos they have put on the website. A big NO NO)

So I decide to make things easy for him: “Tell me where you would go if you were to go on a date with someone.”

He says, “Well am different, I could travel 200 km for a date!” (I could totally picture him saying it, the expression and the tone of it.)

I read, and I realise that he and I ain’t that different. Surprise be that we could actually be somewhat similar, cause I could fly 3,356.7 km for one!

Note : For someone who (of late) seems to drive me insane for no good reason!