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When I heard of the young man who was gunned down in Pakistan, I did not know him, nor did I know his wife to be. He was a name in a story, which Anithra told me over a Public International Law lesson. She mentioned of her best friend who was in love with him, and how all of a sudden her world had changed.

Today I by chance came across a photo of both of them, a happy couple who seem to be cherishing each other’s company, young and looking towards the future. It made me wonder how happiness could be stolen from those who love, by men with guns, with different agendas for the world.

For the first time in years, tears filled my eyes just seeing those photos, for a couple who seemed so happy together, and for all those who risk their lives so that others’ rights are better protected.

A prayer for all out there who befit the description, and for cherishing those we love!