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Dating has become virtual of late, with me in one corner of the world and he on the other.

“You have the cutest son!” Aiden says.

He has got used to seeing my son sleeping, and has formed his own opinion on the little one.

Commenting on a statement I made on relationships and marriage, he in his smart-ass mood replies, “Handling your son is not going to be difficult, it’s you that are going to be difficult!”

And then he laughs at his own joke, reminding me of what a stupid astrologer told me recently. He finds things as astrology hilarious, tarot cards fun to waste time on, and anything predicted worthy of a good laugh.

I have come to realize that I value the time I spend with him. We talk, we laugh, and we plan life. And things are simple. Most of all, life is good, even from two ends of the world.

I look at him, and notice how good looking he has become of late. Is it the distance that makes one get closer?