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Recipe for a perfect weekend

-Two full days of no lap-top
-Two full days of limited internet
-No phone
-A lot of walking (and a lot of holding hands)
-Tolerating each other’s snoring
-Not fighting over bills or splitting bills
-A lot of sleep
-More sleep
-And more Aiden time

I have not written in a while. I think I have lost touch of it. Work and travel had kept me too busy to think of things I normally type.
Aiden had been kind enough to drop in when I had finally wrapped up my work. It was good to see him. Life felt normal with him around. Despite both of us complaining of each others’ snoring, I had finally got my 9 hour sleep, and I was thrilled over it. He seemed to be fascinated over the amount of hours I could sleep. I was grateful that he would put up with my sleep, snoring and every other fancy, being very accommodating and patient.
My life was tilting over that edge where one is not sure whether it is you who is crazy or the rest that is around you. The men I had dealt with last month had rendered me to boarder-line lunacy. Hugging Aiden brought that fuzzy feeling into my life, the feeling of being able to feel something, feel cared for and not groped or eye-raped. He gave me the feeling that I did not need an explanation for every action. It was definitely a good thing, correction, an awesome feeling.
Aiden speaks of things that people take in face value, without getting too philosophical over it. He laughs at me, and says I make up things. I have no idea what he means by it, but sometimes it is just good to see him laugh, and not complain about things. I had just switched off my brain from processing. It was Aiden’s task to process things, and I was just letting him be the “man”.
Life is simple if you take it to be. Aiden had decided to keep it such, and I was happy that I could switch off my brain after a week, and let him take the steering wheel. A feeling I already miss.