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I missed him.

We never fought. But this time I think we had.  Over some man, who had nothing to do with our lives.  Completely irrelevant as the other man be, he had successfully opened a new door for us: A fight.  A passive one at that.

Then again, I am not even sure whether what we had constitutes a fight. We never got to shout at each other with our time zone differences getting the best of it, with me already asleep when he returned home. I had been too fast in typing out a whole paragraph over something he had not typed in, but more like wanted to type in, at least in my mind.

He had agreed, as usual,  to what I wanted, and texted “you’ve got yourself a deal!”

My brain started working only on reading it, “Is this what I wanted? What do I really want? I mean do I even want anything?”

I had already decided that the moment emotions started playing its part, I would most likely pack and leave, do something to piss him off, or just start dishing him with annoyance so that I could check his level of patience. So far no shouting.

I was confused. Once again, I was very confused.

I remember his parting words, “I will miss you. I know I do not tell it, but then you know me!”

“Do I really?”