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I watched seated in bed, Aiden walking around the room, getting ready for work. He had been tiptoeing around the room, but I was awake nevertheless. He notices me watching him, comes over to land a kiss on my forehead while continuing to gather his socks, shoes and what not.

I think of how our paths keep crossing, how we fight so much yet cannot be without each other, and how it feels good to be near him though I know the moment we part the name calling would start, and I would switch off.

I like him near me. I like nights which end in a tight hug, and without insomnia, and with mornings of complains on how loud my snoring be. I like the confused look  on his face when he catches me looking at him. I like the constant “what?” which breaks the silence I usually maintain.

But morning was mostly for silence, while I wait in his shirt for the sheer pleasure of it, while he runs late to catch his train. And I wait in bed, hugging my pillow till late or standing by the window watching waves crash on the shore…

Such is life, such is bliss, till I pack again to leave.