Aiden calls. It was my last day in Nepal, and I was trying to get some sleep, for a change. But the room service staff had already spoilt it for me, with their enthusiasm to clean my room. I wish they had the same enthusiasm to clear up the room when I was not in it, so that I would not have to walk into the mess I usually create in an attempt to get ready in 5 minutes, prior to running down for a 2 minute breakfast. Well, have not been too lucky of late! In any sense for that matter I think.

His voice woke me up instantly. I had not spoken to him since I left Sri Lanka. I checked the time and realised that it was late night where he be. Thirty seconds of silence followed by the hello, till I asked him whether he was drunk. (That was the usual time he would call me to express his emotions which he would not be sure of later). He does not respond for a while, and replies with another question, “What’s happening?”

I tell him that I am in Kathmandu, safe and sound as can be, and my usual insane self, and that I walked around Thamel, passing “Tom and Jerry” a place which was not unfamiliar to the both of us (despite the fact that he was piss drunk the night we were there.)

He listens, and I have a vague idea of what he would be thinking. But I refrain from pursuing that line of conversation. I was not in a mood to get him annoyed, have another fight, and then spoil my day.

“You having fun?”

“Not the type of fun, you keep referring to!”I reply.

Another silence.

“You better sleep yea? Work tomorrow for you.”I say, being my usual nanny-self. Kathmandu had revived the nanny in me, with memories of keeping count of his alcohol consumption, and ensuring that he would not go fight with someone, in my absence.

“Yeah, you take care. Will speak soon,” he says.

Then, just before I hung up on him, that question of confusion.

“Tell me, do you miss me?”