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Three things I have learnt in 2013:

  1. I love my son, I love him  “a lot!”

People often ask me how difficult it is being a single mum. Well the answer depends on the day you ask the question. Then again, one things remains a constant, and that being the fact that having Akashiv has been the most amazing experience. He has shown me how altruistic kids could be. He would feed me first when he is given food, dance with me every day with no complains till he falls asleep with his head on my shoulder, and read to me his book with the alphabet and numbers. Despite all the travel I have been on during the year, he has been an understanding little one who would poke around to check what mummy has brought him from wherever she had been and wave around and scream in joy upon seeing me, however much haggard I would look after hours of travel. Many ask me whether my son recognises me after my travel, all I know is a kid never forgets his mum, at least not my little one!

2. Work can keep one busy, and sane!

Sure divorce ain’t a joke, and starting afresh is an uphill climb. But working on something you believe in can make a huge difference. One might be sceptical about this, but sometimes the only thing that keeps you sane after a major change in life, is being a workaholic. Oh yeah, and a leap of faith to go with it!

3. You can fall in love!

Divorce is not the end of life! No it isn’t! We make choices in life which might not be the best, but there is always space for improvement. Being a divorcee or a single parent is not the worst thing in the planet, it is a fresh start from what might have been a miserable life of pretext. And trust me one does find love. There are decent people in the world, who would adore you for who you are! Once again, a little trust in one’s self, a little respect for one’s self, and yes, one moves on! At least that is what I believe in!

So  nothing too glamourous to sign up for the year, but just a write-up or more of a wrap-up of the wisdom the year has offered me.

Wish you all a very happy new year! May the world find more commitment for good deeds, and less time for pettiness!