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Ash looks at the photo and says, “You two look totally in love!”

I was not too sure about that, at least not at that particular moment she was referring to. Sure, I loved Aiden, and that too in my own way. And he claims he loves me in his own way. (Thank god we never get into analysing what constituted  “own ways,”). But at that specific moment, I was pissed off with him for being an idiot. I was pretty sure I was counting minutes till we finished our diner so I could express exactly how I felt (which of course I did while he laughed it off which is his usual when I am trying to make a point,) when that impromptu photo was clicked.

Funnily enough even Aiden has comments that detect not at all my mood:  “Can you get rid of this photo please? I look like an idiot (not necessarily, he was just fishing for a compliment on his looks I believe), but you look happy in it!”

“Hold on! You look happy in all of them! How do you do that?”

On closer inspection, I do actually look happy. In one of the photos I was actually grinning (freaky). Weird as it may seem, I seem quite satisfied with my own little corner of the earth leaning on Aiden’s shoulder. No sign of anger, calculating arguments or any discontent what so ever.

We looked quite a happy couple, dining together, surfacing on a photo clicked by a friend who sat on the opposite end which unfortunately left me wondering, “when the hell had I become Miss. Plastic?!”