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I have not written in a while.  Now I type a blog post on my phone. Why? Because am stuck in trasit due to delayed flights and a wonderful airline I ended up boarding. I miss my kid, am annoyed at what is happening around me and have lost a lot of respect for some people. 

Why? For multiple reasons.  I don’t think anyone would be too keen on reading that list.

I think after a long time I am realising that some things my mum says make sense.  She has been stating since my wonderful husband experience that she had taught us the wrong values. She believes she should have taught my sister and me to think about ourselves before anyone else. Not to be overly generous and then to give a good slap on the face to those who deserving of it rather than sympathising with thosr not deserving it. She intends to try it out with her grand son. 

“I will teach Dylan to hit those who hit him!” she says.

Her husband joins in, “We need to send him for karate classes”.

I have decided to treat these sentences with silence or with comments which have no support to their wonderful projects.

Why am I going on on a rant? I repeat: Am stuck in transit thanks to Etihad flights been cancelled. And am not too entertained with what surrounds me either.

So much for my article on Ukraine being completed. (My laptop is without a charged battery. And am without sleep for days at a stretch)

And I vent seated at the food court thanks to a coupon which allowed me to have  sandwitch, while I curse away for the coincidences that made me board this plane, and be travelling in the same plane as some other people.

(Note: I said travelling in the same plane as some people and not “with some people”.)

So someone please explain to me this logic: If one airline cannot fly from one place to another due to fog how could others make the same trip without delays?