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Everyone has that perfect kiss, or that kiss you believe is the perfect kiss. I am not sure whether I had such till I did end up having my perfect kiss. On a random Sunday, over a random conversation over creeps and coffee, and at a random moment when I reached to place my mug on the table, the kiss happened. And I knew it was perfect.  

It was that moment you open your eyes, and realise, this is it! With a pair of eyes looking at you the way they do in movies, and going “what the hell just happened?” before reaching out to continue what just happened.

Well, call me cheesy, but I am sure all have had a few movie moments in their lives, where out of nowhere when you end up waiting to catch your breath wondering what the hell just happened. Even if all may not have lived that moment, I am sure I am not amongst a super minority who lived this.

So movies have happy endings for such kisses. Reality of course has other plans, usually not the perfect ending, with people walking into the sunset holding hands.

Sometimes the perfect kiss ends in an awkward peck on the lips. That I know for sure. One awkward peck over a goodbye hug, good bye kiss on the cheek, and then a good bye peck on the lips, post a lot of awkward fumbling around the apartment, trying to find out what to say, fixing her watch because she needs to change the time having shifted across time zones, and an awkward silence in between as he had called it quits two days before her return. An awkward peck because she was seated in front of him which he probably did not expect after an over the phone goodbye with her miles away from him. Yes perfect kisses do end up in awkward pecks.

Then again, I wonder who the hell really cares? I mean easy way out, give the kiss its due credit and move on. A kiss is a kiss in its perfection. As for the later awkwardness, just call it man’s sheer stupidity.


 Note: I have not written in a while, was too busy typing out mails and things that were deemed a little more serious than penning my thoughts. Thank you to that one who made me realise that I still do have things to pen down, with you around with perfect kisses or without you around to block the awkwardness.