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I look into the mirror with blotches blocking my reflection. The toilet was too close to the sink to my comfort and the whole room gave me the creeps. It took several efforts to subdue the urge to run away, every time I tried to enter the horrendous bathroom, and to reach for the tap to wash my face. It was a battle between whether I would let myself stink and then lie on the almost yellow-faded bed-sheets or whether I do suppress the desire to puke, summon my courage and walk in to open the tap, expecting only water to gush out, and god forbid nothing else.

I have had bad stays in dodgy places. However this seems to top it all. It’s one of those days I am actually questioning whether it would be an overflow of the water from the commode, or the fan creaking above me which possibly could fall on-top myself, which might be the worst way  to face death this night.

Stay calm Vositha! Stay calm! You can dwell in this dump till tomorrow’s sunshine comes (hopefully)