I get ready to head out, and Aiden decides to text me at the same time. I tell him about the common candidate drama in Sri Lanka, and how some MPs are changing parties. He is not too happy about my little commentary on local politics, is worried that I would go make some random comment, get arrested and he would not see me in a few days. (His perception of the world of politics, or rather his fears of my outbursts).

Probably having grown up in a country where political situations get violent would have made him worried about me. He texts “Love you, leave politics at home, and come home soon.”

It was funny to have someone send me a message like that. He has this strong conviction that one day I would end up being the not so stubborn human being that I am today. He is happy when I tell him that I do not make any comments on things that he does which annoy me and prefer to keep silent over them. He also has a silly belief that he has changed me, or rather calmed me. Unfortunately what he seemed not to have known is that I used to be more of the “I am silent about what you do simply cause I cannot be bothered” before I met him, and that it was just with him that I constantly kept throwing tantrums. (One needs to pick someone who would put up with a tantrum to throw one right?)

Anyways I guess I will not write of the 18th Amendments, or what I think of local politics, just to help Aiden not have a heart attack. Or maybe it is also something to do with that weird sense of not wanting to lose someone for the first time in my life. (Very weird feeling I must say)

He makes me happy, and I like to keep things that way.

Note: I have not written in a while. Work has kept me busy, and most of my writing has been for work. The rest of course been the zillion mails I send out on a daily basis, to Aiden and the rest of the world I feel like bugging for different reasons. Happy end of year to all if I don’t write any time soon again!