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The new president was sworn in. Grandma passed away. Two things on the same day. Grandma will probably be remembered as the one who died on the day president Rajapaksa moved out of the Temple Trees, or when the other came to power. Whichever be one’s preference of course.

Sri Lanka seems happy with the change. Despite the 3% difference in the country’s votes for the two candidates, everyone seems happy. I was not too vocal in my politics this season. I guess I have toned down, or realised that some people will not change, and the others have the power of reasoning to make the correct choice. But it was great to see how people were excited to go to the polling booths, stay in queue for hours and then cast their vote. Except for my fussy uncle who came back home after a 30 minute wait not too thrilled about the wait in the sun. (His sisters claim he went back to vote, and I shall take their word for it.) Social media seems to have played its part. People seem to have been convinced on the importance of their vote.

Looking back I feel president Rajapaksa was appreciated (for a day) as being humble when the announcement of his departure of his official residence was announced, with him providing a smooth transition for the new president. Quite nice of him, I thought. Till of course the rest of the news started making their way in today. But I think there were many who were sad to see him go. They voted for the Opposition because they felt that there was need for change, but still appreciated him having put an end to the war. Though everyone does not share the same sentiments on the way the end of war was achieved, I think the appreciation remains for putting a stop to decades of war.

100 days for the new president starts, a new cabinet is soon to be introduced. I’ll be watching as usual, with lesser penning down of my thoughts due to lack of time, but still watching, and analysing, and of course as usual forming my own conclusions.