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I recently came across a LinkedIn profile of a psychologist who claimed that she was providing counselling for youth who have issues regarding their sexual orientation. This came a bit disturbing given the existence of all the religious groups who think they can pray away or preach away homosexuality as well. One more to the list I would say! The grounds on sexuality seems yet not understood, but it is quite obvious that forcing someone to believe that homosexuality as a bad thing would result in them converting to heterosexuality.

Even more troubling is the fact is that going to a psychologist, be it for any reason seems to be a horrendous thing in this land. Something to keep hidden from the world, to avoid being judged upon, and what not that comes with it. Among the questions asked “Why do you need to go to a psychologist? Can’t you just decide to be happy and be it?” or, “You are just making things up in your head. You will only get worse if you go to these people!”

I recently put a status update on FB having seen the LinkedIn profile to check what people’s reaction to the assumption that change of sexual orientation/ the belief could be done through counselling. What I got instead was a thread of messages from people who told me not to put up statuses which indicate that I am going to a therapist.

Unfortunately for those who seemed excited about my prospect of seeing a psychologist, I will have to state that I am not YET seeing one, but if and when I do, I probably would write a blog post on it, and say why it might have helped me in achieving whatever it is I would have been seeking to achieve.