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One day you fall in love and that’s it. You just don’t know what hit you, but you strangely like it. That bi-polar disorder style feelings, the irrational up-downs of emotions, you live through it all.

The weirdest is setting up the alarm clock three hours into your sleep to make sure that the other would not miss his flight, and then actually not needing the alarm to ring to wake up before the expected time. You would be awake, waiting till it’s that time he wanted to get up and head out. Sometimes you surprise yourself by being unexpectedly considerate by letting him have those extra ten minutes of sleep.

Loving someone can be a strange thing, and loving doing that is even weirder I think. We all go through it: complains of never again, and the “I have no time to waste on this,” and the “pack and walk out” syndrome.
But when you know that every silly argument, tantrum (mostly due to your initiation) will end up with a smile or a hug, and know you can’t stop smiling when you see that other person, or he can’t stop smiling in your presence for no good reason (if he is not hysteric of course) you know you have found that person. The one you would not let go of, even if your sanity says you should, and all rationality might too.

At times you give into your heart, and you just enjoy that feeling. Just being in love.