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A good morning to all of you! (A morning, and afternoon or an evening depending on where you are of course).

I am sharing my latest venture which is collecting stories, and then of course sharing them. Yesterday when on twitter, a colleague drew my attention to something, which is that when we speak of women in developing countries, it is mostly the images of those working on agriculture or similar fields that are available through images. This of course got me thinking, because we do seem to have the concept that when one says developing countries that there might not be those working in cities, in other fields of industry, the corporate world or the academic world.

Here comes my small intervention: Collect profiles of working women in different parts of the world, share it so that others would get an idea on what inspire them (because women do contribute a lot to the economy of many countries,) to speak on what they face as difficulties (because we all know that we all face difficulties at work,) and how what you think needs to be done to improve your situation or difficulties you face as a woman at work.

If you would like to share your story, please send it in 200 words, with a photo (if you would like to reveal your identity) and if you would like your story to be shared in anonymity, then that shall be assured as well.

Hope to receive your stories, and photos or even videos if you like to tell your story yourself, which will inspire others to strive for more!

(C) Saleem Ul Haq

(C) Saleem Ul Haq

And that would be me at work!