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Co-founder of The Million Person Project (MPP) with her boyfriend Julian Mocine-McQueen, Heather works on a global initiative that works with activists, artists, business people, farmers, authors and students to identify their true stories and help them use that energy in their speaking. .Over the past ten years she has worked in social change movements across the world on issues such as civic engagement, climate change, human rights, immigration and sustainable development. She shared her story on what drove her to be who she is today.

Redefining Leadership

Heather is passionate about redefining leadership. She finds this to be the motivation behind her work on the Million Person Project.

I believe that our leadership effectiveness is directly linked to how deeply, emotionally connected we are to our personal mission, and how willing we are to share our victories and vulnerabilities,” she said.

For Heather, leadership is far from impressing the world but more about connecting.

“It’s not about impressing; it’s about connecting. It’s not about performing; it’s about engaging. It’s not about being all you can be; it’s about being all of who you are,” she added.

Investing in One’s Dream

Heather did not randomly start her work. She decided to take steps to gain knowledge necessary to succeed at it. While having a coach to guide her through the process of setting up her project, she adds that the experience itself was a great learning process.

“I learned 1,000 times more in the first workshops I conducted, then I did in the six months I spent preparing,” she said.

Challenging the Mind-set

Heather believes that most of the difficulties she faced were around challenging her own belief systems.

“I realized I was telling myself stories my whole life like, I am not good with money. Business is not my thing. People think what I am doing is cool, but they do not take it seriously. Dealing with those beliefs and understanding where they came from has helped me transform them into healthier, more affirming beliefs,” she explained.

Being a Woman

“At first, I didn’t believe that I could do what I loved and make a good living doing it,” said Heather. But today she has proved to herself and others that it is quite possible.
For her clear communication is the key to having work and life balance.

“You need to have sit down conversations with your bosses, clients and families and let them know when you are and are not available. You can’t try to do it all without communicating clearly. On some days, you have to be willing to not be available to people either at work or at home,” she added.


Heather wants to see her business grow into a business that is thriving financially and that could grow to have a far-reaching impact in the coming years.

“If you want to embark on an entrepreneur journey – get support. It is okay to have no idea how to do something and still want to do it. Coaches and group support programs can be key to building the skills and confidence to accomplish your goals,” she explained.

Note:  Heather Box is also a writer for Huffington Post. She has also published in Source Magazine, Foreign Policy Focus, Ms. Magazine, Stark and Smith Magazine.