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Boredom sinks in. As usual. You vicious thing!

The same story. The same conversation. Pretentious attentiveness, on a downhill journey. A slow one. Not fast enough to kill the boredom. Not too slow to go unnoticed.

I lose track, of words and sentences. Mere words flashing in front of the eyes, no relation, no attachment.  One sided affection. A deep hollow. Felt. Ignored.

Facilitative, to walk way. To move on. To forget. To untangle the knots, wilfully created.  Erase that attempted smile, repeated compliments, and questions left unanswered.

I look to the sky, on a rainy day. Grey, rain drops filled, falling at their own pace.

I wonder where you are, whether you miss those tantrums, or prefer the boredom of your life. The peace, the silence, minus my voice.

Far away,  on a rainy/ a sunny day.