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A kid with whom I work guessed my age last week.

I don’t remember the reason for this guessing game. I believe the whole conversation started when I mentioned to him that his father wanted to triple check my age, when I went in for a medical check. I had thought that his son might have had something to do with this question being repeated one “three” many times.

The kid thought I was 45 years old. A good decade older than I actually am.

I am not usually bothered about my age. But this time, I obviously was. I was also annoyed that I could no longer pride myself in not being bothered about how old I looked, or bothering about how I looked in general.

(I grew up thinking I was an ugly kid which continued to my late 20s, where I believed I was not physically. From 28 to this date, I was content not bothering about how my face looked, until of course the guessing game happened.)

Anyways, conclusion for the day being:

  • I discover about myself on a daily basis
  • I need to stop analysing what a 21 year old says.
  • I could (maybe) refer the kid to get his specs checked. (But, I won’t.)
Embracing my 45 years on this planet :D