I have not written in a while. Rather have not written here in a while. Life has become about meetings, editing documents, and occasional columns. Putting words together has not been a regular venture of late, and I can’t say I missed it a lot. Maybe I did, without realising it. Maybe the heightened sense of being anxious, sort of claustrophobic within my own being had something to do with not typing things out, not yelling at those I wanted to every time they repeated the same thing over and over again. Well, I can safely say that what surrounds on a daily basis has not helped me to lose the sense of anxiety, the uncertainty of what would come next however much we strive to do our best, and trying to control situations which are not necessarily within our ability to control. Then again, what is ever within our power of control? This could easily get me on an existential crisis, where I end up deep diving with all the fear I possess of deep-dives: be is emotional ones or real dives into a pool.

What can I say? I just wish most of us could see the bigger picture in life. I wish certain people make smart decisions, which are not ad hoc or driven by self interest, but for the collective good. Well, I wish for world peace too, but I presume that is a given.

And as I said before, I don’t write a lot. Not of self-expression, at least.

Until I find my way back here, bye!

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash)