I am sure you hear the expression “I am sorry” from a zillion people a million times a day. (okay may be not zillion people and may be not a million times. But I am sure you do get what I mean!)

Ever wondered if they ever mean it?

(Well I do wonder about silly things like this at times, I am sure most of you don’t waste your time on nonsense as this, but well, I am merely being inquisitive.)

I have been hearing too many “sorry”s of late and well I honestly this my ears have turned deaf on them.

When the words, “sorry” start heading in the direction of my ears, a blackout occurs, and well I kind of do not hear it. (Imagine the bullets heading towards Neo in Matrix and stopping near him! Yep, that is the imagery that pops into my head while typing this out.)

Reason for such cinematic effect: Mainly the fact of knowing that half of the words are not heartfelt.

Why bother about something one does not mean?

Why bother about something that people say out of mere politeness and because they are trained to say so?

Well what do I do?

Reply of course!

Say “no worries!”

And let the words uttered just fly by me, because honestly I ain’t bothered!

(This post is not for most parts intended to make any sense. It is a mere expression of my chain of thought that means nothing to most, and means a lot to some :))