“Things I do for you!” he said, laughing and holding on to her hand. The fingers were intertwined and he had a firm grip on them.

She smiled. “May be I will sleep with you if you manage to refrain from making fun or cracking a stupid joke about it for six months.”

“Ah, today is 25th of January! So that would be..”

She did not let him finish the sentence, grabbing the menu that lay next to her with her free hand, swiftly brought it to contact with his head. He appeared offended for a second, and then broke into laughter again.

It was surprising how comfortable she felt around him. Despite all the talk about dating and not dating, getting hurt and who’s getting hurt. It had all come to her hand ending in his and he being his freaky self commenting on how nice his skin looked.

“Some things never change!” she told herself, contemplating on the freakiness of his which has evolved over the years and which she had grown to love of late.

She found it amusing to imagine the reaction one who knew the two of them from years back would have on seeing them holding hands and actually making conversation. It was agreed by both that there would a few jaw-drops and many a “ Oh my God!”and “ No way!”.

She even remembered her friend teasing her asking “ so someone is in love with the freak?” and her brushing away such thought in the most nonchalant manner a few weeks back.

Well what could she say, strange things do happen once in a while, and they seem to happen to her ever too often.

“OK you got 20 minutes more with me!” she announced. Laughing on remembering that every time they meet, for some reason she checks time just 20 minutes before the driver was to come pick her.

Goodbyes always be cause for confusion, every occasion. A hug, a kiss, or both? May be today be the exception.

“So when are you coming back?” he asks.

“ Sooner than you think!” she answered gently brushing her lips against his and with a smile.

He smiled and then kissed her back.