So yea, it IS another B’day. For some reason I seem to have them jinxed. Can’t remember a B’day that started well or ended well. But then again, I think this year’s tops the list. Hearing of people in a household walking around naked, ain’t definitely the best way to start my year ahead.
Since I might one day, look back and not know why I “cherish” B’day 2011 and how special this year’s wishes are , I type this out, hoping I will not have nightmares of these images, on falling asleep (fat chance)

Here goes the most wonderful conversation of 2011

He: I go to sleep naked
She: mmm, hold on, does not your mum wake you up in the morning?
He: yea, well she has seen me already!
She: (having doubts whether to laugh or to be shocked) Are you kidding me?
He: Nope, but then it’s dad who brings my tea in the morning..
She: Ok, that makes more sense
He: Well I sometimes walk around the house naked
She: What do you mean? When people are around?
He: Well not when other people are around
She: (sigh of relief) that seems something one can do..
He: I do it when parents are around
She: what the fuck? Tell me you are kidding!
He: Nope, it’s kinda cool, my dad does it too..

And do I need to wonder why I presume my B’days are fucked up? May be it’s a sign, an omen, “Run away Vositha as fast as possible!”

So while I run away, my mind jots down the things I SHOULD remember to do this year!

Resolution 1: Thou shalt NOT entertain creeps or freaks EVER!

Resolution 2: Plot thy exit

Resolution 3: Implement it!

Oh and yea, before I forget, “Happy B’day to ME!!”

PS. @Aruni: Boy did you get this one wrong! I miss you, and wish you and your tarot cards were around!