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Well today has all been about trust, lies and hypocrisy. Of late I am evaluating life, lies and lust. Well today the last being missing, I remain focussed on the first two, when what I should have done is focus on law. Yeah, but when did one ever do, what be required of one to do. I be no exception. Letting law rot, I focused on lies.

The first part of the day I tried to figure out whether it was just I, or others who believed that lying does include half truths and those nondisclosures of information that one knows the other party would not be too happy to hear, which brought me to a flashback of a fight I once had with my first boyfriend, and him screaming at me saying “ I don’t get your linguistics or law, you lied to me!” as a response to my “I was not lying to you, I did not even tell you anything on it!”. Well that argument did not end well, I remember it leading to some domestic violence and me deciding that any man to touch me in anger would end up with his limbs being deprived for good. And I think the rest of the male species that followed sensed that sinister quality in me, and decided never to check their abilities of violence on me. (lucky them)

Anyhow, well coming back to the point, I jolly well have moved away from those moments I believed that not telling him something would negate my lying, as today I believe if one does not tell me something, then it amounts to lying.

I had this interesting conversation with someone in the morning, where we were discussing the same topic. I told him, any man can have any amount of freedom he needs, as long as I am not given the presumption that he is not elsewhere doing something completely different as to what I find him doing. Imagine you think your man is at work, just because he gives you the impression that is what he is going to be doing, and then ends up walking into him with some other woman in a restaurant or walking out of a restaurant for that matter.

The conversation prior to that would be like this,

“What you up to? Want to meet up for coffee?”
“I am going to be busy at work. So much to finish”
“Ah ok. I will not bug you them. Laters!”
“Ok bye”

(a few moments later there he walks off with some other woman!)

Sure they could be friends, and they could be just having a drink, but would you not be feeling awkward? I would. I honestly would be confused whether to talk to him, or walk off. To send a text or to call from another table. Or just simply to ignore the whole presence and merely carry on.

Then again what about those sentences like, “oh I just charged my phone!” when he forgets to call you, or “I did not call you because I did not wake you up”? Are those lies that one should take into consideration or just ignore?

Analyzing linguistics is fun at times. But when you get too good at spotting lies, you are left wondering similarly when you crash into your boyfriend with another woman, whether you confront the person, or to simply ignore. Do you raise that red flag to send him that alert that you DO know that he is twisting his tongue when he is telling those sentences. Or do you simply raise that white flag and remain neutral? And think, yes you have all the symptoms of one who is talking like Pinocchio (though your nose seems to shrink rather than grow) but I do choose to refrain from confronting the obvious, cause we both know that you are the idiot who is lying, when it’s written all over your face!