I have not written something in a while, but then after reading some articles people deem as journalism of late, decided that silence ain’t that much of gold of late. Hence the shout out from this side of the land.

So yes, this joker who apparently is a “journalist” writes this wonderful article on homosexuals, the legal implications and the threat posed by them to the social context. For those who might want to read this wonderful writing I hereby supply the link so you may click and peruse (if anyone plans to judge the success of the writer by the clicks I would think not the best option for this one, as the horrendous number that might be on the sites stats is all due to the writers lack of skills on dealing with the matter than the skills possessed)


So yea, according to the article the genius journalist has gone on an investigative effort to find the secret behind the organisation that is supplying condoms and lubricants. Well I have a lot to say on the matter, but then again, I think there needs be freedom of thought, interpreted by me to mean the freedom to have your opinion on the matter. So I shush and let you decide for yourself, where the journalism of today’s Sri Lanka is truly headed.

(for those twisted minded individuals who might start processing their brain in the direction that I condemn the writing as I myself am a homosexual, sorry to disappoint you. But need to stress that you do not need to be homosexual to be supportive of one’s sexual freedom)