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I have lived all my life with people who have not considered putting things around the house in order as one of their priorities. I have walked into finding piles of clothes on my studying table, things thrown around in the living room, all forms of equipment to be placed in the garage sale, placed in the middle of my house. I have parents who find any lame excuse to not tidy the place, keep the house filled with garbage which is 15 years old, and lived briefly with an x husband who would dumb chocolate wrapper, apple stems and what not that is not relevant right onto the floor.

So what’s my problem with all these?

Well I am OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) (a slight dose of it, which makes my blood boil every time I see a mess, and self-restraint needed not to strangle whoever responsible for it).

If you are OCD, then you would understand what I am talking of. I am not even sure whether in Sri Lanka people recognise what OCD is. Come to think of it,  one of my cousins has a very high dose of it, and people find it a little hilarious. And depressingly enough, no one seems to have realised that the guy goes bonkers when they mess his room, and not because he is a lunatic. Leave the man’s place be, and he would be a happy human being. But NO! They prefer to have some fun messing his little bottles and stuff, and then seeing him all pissed off about of it.

Today I watch Aiden dump his clothes around the room. I switch on my control mode so that I will not activate my OCD self, and endure in silence the mess that remains in front of my eyes. He seems oblivious to it, as I read my book in bed, and he rummages through the pile of clothes he has pulled out of the bag, and thrown on the floor in a mission to locate what he wants to wear on our date. I breath-in, and keep reading, while he goes around rummaging while humming.

People always wonder why growing up I always preferred to stay out of my house. Well now we know why. Simply because I chose to live with one moral when it came to my OCD provoking situations i.e  If you can’t clear up a mess, just keep away from it!