I am a lost soul searching for myself, a search leading me to environmental activism, legal research and greater confusion.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Congratulations !
    It was a great result of the imagination.It is better for a screen script for a Film !
    Fantastic !!!

  2. …wositha? itha a needle without a soul=saol(OE), i don’t know if the english know about souls, more about ghosts gasts casts ecatl ehecatl cattle cathdrals and uecaitta’s wicam wican witches and warlocked hecate, whose only saving grace, other than being proto-mary is being the basque duddlesack=gaita=
    eg/eca-it(o)a(Nauatl)=ecate talks/itoa/tlatolli(N)=in t/Lat-olli(letra)=Latin.
    fuse with isbn 968-23-0573-x, first language. if you’re a legal eagle so much
    the better. have a look at the tonalamatl(N)=book/souls=tonalli(N)=tone/tune=Tonatiuh/Anthony. words are home, find your way back to them.
    gutenburg shortened our memory chip, language is designed for memory
    not for print, altho if you read enough you will become a library, including
    the bricks and furniture. tzopilotl.wordpress.com

    • Your comment did take a toll on my brain cells, but I am grateful for it. I think them cells needs be checked on time to time, and their existence to be proven worthwhile. Am I to sum up that my name constitutes me to be a “needle without a soul”? and that I be best in the legal domain and in the play with words best suits me? Any how I am sure most who know me would agree to be being a “thorn without a soul” 🙂 or is it “with a soul”? Not sure much!

  3. …wo-=the reverse prefix=ua(N)=own, as in, wo-mana=ua-mana(N)=own flow, as, mana(N)=give of oneself, present oneself, flow=man(E)=ma-/5-4/-na, i.e., 5=ma=all directions with center, the 5th direction, and, 4=na=4 cardinal points, no center=navegate/nadel(OE)=needle. soul=saol(OE)=tzawa ollin(N)=the holy sawing/sewing/sowing. now, back to, wositha=zither=sitar=guitar=ceti/cetia(N)=sit/set(E). you need to be strummed. however the verb you come from, ceti(N)=ce(N)=one=center/census, is also, good=goed(dutch),
    which is a reverential=(o)=ollin(N)=holly, holy, (r)ollin’,
    which translated to, the holy sitting=good(E).
    that being so i would recline/incline for chairs that move,
    rockers, wheeled.
    i have one that’s called a señal chair, which has a tray for a seat=ceti(N), spatula armrests that serve as mouse pads, very good for the small of the back as the tray moves under and forth, hanging as it does from
    a leather apron tacked at the top cross bar and to the back under of the tray.
    made of rosewood, which has a nice grain. the front hinges of the tray are
    iron flanges connected by bolts to the arms and the forward edge of the tray
    seat. yes, since you have ollin=m(o)ve, your chairs should be m(o)biles as
    ollin/(r)ollin=thought/idea in the tona=to-/our 4/-na. one thinks better in
    any mobile, even louisiana.

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