Sometimes life stops for a moment
At least you feel so.
Other things in life keep moving.
Other people too.
So does that other person.

But still for you the life is at halt.

It’s easy to utter words
to negate them and then to reinterate them.
It’s easy to hold on to words that make sense to you
and try to forget the rest.

But the words do sting.
Deep within the very core of your heart,
Bring you to your senses
with a cold wave of reality
hitting you very hard and drowning you in its waters.

You try to keep your nose up
Trying to breath
You try to keep your head high
and hold on to that last ounce of dignity.

And as the waters keep rising…
and i choke with all its coldness
atleast for me,
life has stopped.

But just for a moment.