A cranky morning and a bitchy person I be today. The people around me would have felt it and so did I too feel it. There be those days that one wakes up ten fifteen times before properly waking up, or simple one be woken up that amount of times before opening eyes. Well today was one of those days.
My days have become quite routine. Waking up late, rushing into the shower, and rushing out with wet hair to work. “Rush” be the word that describe me. Rush into a room, and rush out of the room while not noticing steps and twisting my ankle.(which be the misfortune that befall me today)
Touk touk rides with dust and pollution rushing to my lungs while my wet hair entangles into a mess. Observing the traffic and images of couple of months rushing in to my mind. Quite strange, yet they do! Not the best moments of which to be reminded but my mind supplies such imagery to please my grotesque taste at various intervals. Such be the case of today!
So many calls to make, so many mails to respond, none of which I do, simply because it is one of those days! One of those random days, where you feel like something is tremendously wrong! Some huge misfortune fell upon earth and no one realised it till it was too late!
Then I realise! Today be the day he was born!
Yep the world was surely jinxed. May me reverse the statement “blessed be the day he was born!”
It shall not be uttered, just let be felt, like the wind that blows with the hypocrisy that he emanates!
Yes “ blessed are we to know him!” ( You know what I mean!)