Well people say that one has to wait for good things in life but I wonder whether the same applies to the sessions of the LLRC commission.

The public who come for the sessions on time wait, wait and wait!

Not sure for whether this wait be the best mode of behaviour.

The sessions that be scheduled for 10 am still not at its commencement by 10. 40 am and I await impatiently for the Commissioners to arrive. Not due to excitement but due to the feeling of boredom at being among the 4 or 5 people that constitute the public who having not yet given up on attending these sessions up maintain their presence at the Kadiragama Centre auditorium due to personal interest or some other god knows what reason.

My neighbour in this hearing or non- hearing updates me on the happenings since I have been absent there for the last few weeks. She tells me that the hit story of Sri Lanka these days has been the UN’s interest in the commission and being part of it as observers or as active participants.
Not sure of the accuracy of the information as I be deprived of internet right now and add to it am bored beyond measure.

I try to distract myself from the empty chairs in front of me and then that surround me by perusing through the provisions of the Ad Hoc Working Group submission for KP at COP 16 and then miserably failing at it as well.

Yes today seems to be one long day with lot of failures! (Thoughts of my poverty level rush in.)

Having no better solution and thanking the invention of ipods I turn to Eric Claption’s “Tears in Heaven”!