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It does not take much to hurt someone. I realised it last night. After having dialled a number for too many times without a response, I called home. Mum was elated to hear my voice, so was dad. Mum started to go on saying that she tried to call me several times and that she had not been able to get through. I felt guilty all of a sudden, remembering how many times I had called a certain someone and how many times I had not called them who actually did dial my number despite it being an IDD call.

It was funny to see an SMS popping on the screen at the end of the call stating “call me now?”

I realised that calls to where I am was way cheaper from home than it was for me to call home, which I still did, may be because I was a little too starry eyed. For a moment, all those walks to the 7/11 from the hotel to reload the phone seemed stupid.

Let’s just say I felt very stupid.

I replied “ called home, no credit, will talk later”

While feeling miserable Sonali’s number pops up on screen. I had called her a few minutes ago, and it was great to see her number appear on the screen. In my head I knew that she would call me back, on seeing the missed call. It was weird but somehow I had this weird feeling she would. One person I could count on despite our annual fights that turn out to be lethal at times.

I picked the call, heard her voice on the other end, and burst into tears, like an idiot.