Of late I have come to understand that there is something exceptionally sexy about a woman’s neck. Not sure what the hell it is, but there is something there. I have watched or given many women creepy stares and analysed what attracts me to their nape, but have failed to grasp the profound reasoning behind it.

Yesterday I was looking at her while she was writing her answer and I realised that she had a very fair neck and that it was a very tempting physical aspect when her hair was tied up. The nerdy specs she wore was enticing enough with the naughty librarian look. A strand of here, ruefully fell on her white skin as she kept on writing unaware of my stare.

Who said women could not be attracted to the same assets on women that men could be? (though I am sure men find boobs to be a better distraction than the skin on a woman’s neck, then again what the hell do I know these days!) I mean why do all men end up kissing a woman’s neck? Is it cause they think their woman them to do so, or they are naturally attracted to that part of our anatomy?

Wonder if gay men kiss other men on their neck. Let me check on that one, could be an interesting analysis to launch.