After having planned to study accounts yesterday evening I found myself meeting a friend at McDonald’s. No clue how I managed to find myself there or how I managed to drag him out of bed and his house when he was coughing away sick. He later told me that his theory of survival when down with flu is to have alcohol. “two neat shots!” he tells me. I had to swallow the criticism that came to my mouth given the fact that it seemed to have done him good 🙂

We spoke of our lives, the love he had for this girl who I considered to be the end of him, how much he wants to run away and get away from the life around him, my life, exams, men and too many men according to him in my life who are good for nothing, Africa, morons ..the topics were endless. It was good to catch up with each other’s life. We walked all the way home, with another list of nonsensical and meaningful conversations. For once in the day I felt grateful that I was in that moment just without any complaint to make. Life was good and I liked how it was moving forward.

He dropped me home, and walked all the way back to his place while my mum asked me how my accounts lesson went 🙂 I tell her that I went for a walk with Pemith and she wants to know how he is doing. I think she remembers the crazy singing session we had a few weeks back at my place. Dad seems annoyed that Pemith was not ushered in lol I don’t seem to understand their bond developed over an exchange of oldies hits which got on my nerves the last time Pemith came over.

Pemith calls me a little while later. He tells “it’s over!” I for once am relieved for his sake. “Good” I told him. Thinking he had finally made his mind to leave someone who did not appreciate him for what he did and how much he loved her. I tell him ” I am glad you decided! Finally!” He to my surprise states ” No, she decided!!”

I was surprised but not shocked. But I felt sorry for him, for loving someone more than he should and how much he sacrificed for her. He wants to know how to move on, how to forget and to feel okay. I don’t seem to have the correct answer to his questions…

“How did you do it??” “How did you forget??” I tell him that I am not too sure .. I wish I had a better answer, to be able to guaranty that things will workout and would be way better soon. (Which I wish for and  believe to be the case, nevertheless)

I always wondered why we fall in love with those who we cannot have and be ready to do anything for them when we don’t even notice who really care for us. We reach for those who treat us the worse and wait for a second of happiness while others may offer us hours of caring and affection. To sum things up we are just always wanting what we don’t have and I think I am the biggest sinner of all, when it comes to this vice..

Why do people behave such??

Guess that is another answer to be sought over a walk, but this time on my own 🙂