She looked at herself in the mirror.

No, there was no devil staring at her.

Just a woman’s face.

“What am I missing?” she wondered.

It was always hard for her to accept rejection.

She was not particularly fond of him nor was he the man of her dreams.

But rejection was hard.

it was new to her. And she definitely did not like the feeling of it.

She had enticed him ( well he might think otherwise).

She had got what she wanted.

But there was no feeling of satisfaction nor contentment.

Had there been a miscommunication on the demand and supply element?

She wasn’t too sure.

A few more minutes of staring at her face.

It was a pretty face.

Nothing gorgeous about it.

But something did make it attractive.

“May be it’s the eyes. Or is it the look that I give?” she wondered.

Finally resolved. “Nothing too scary there.” She concluded.

“ And who ever called him “good looking”!”.

A smile, with a hint of malice spread on her lips.

“  He shall come back in due time…”

With that she moved away from the mirror.

And off went her silent companion with her.