Ever found statements like “ I will slap you!”, “ I have a good slapping hand!” to be funny? I don’t think most of us do or did. If you do, well then I have to pity you, if you don’t then your sense of decency is much appreciated.

Anyhow on a personal note, I do loath such comments and fail to comprehend the necessity of people to make such appalling comments. I fail to see how people find such statements appropriate to be made to any individual on a personal level in privacy, or in public.

One conclusion be what I gain through such behaviour. The total lack of what be decent, the lack of respect for others and the dire need and the mandatory requisite or the obligation to proceed to a “finishing school!”

Due to or out of diplomacy and unavoidable circumstances we in our lives do tolerate such people,(for the continuation of team work that be working towards a common goal) though with much regret it needs be said that it be much better circumstance if that not be a necessity).

Nevertheless what it be which I comprehend of late is that while tolerance be a necessity the erasing of such beings from one’s life, for all the good reasons of self preservation and self respect, the demonstration as to what one deems one to be, the stance one holds of one’s self and not letting another crude mongrel creature make the best of another’s tolerance and patience be the only solution for the maintenance of social equality!

This statement be applicable to any circumstance, be it involving humans in situations where genders male and female be in interaction, or male and male and female and female be in interaction!

Be noted that no discrimination be made based on gender as crude, “caveman”like nature which lack a total lack of respect for others be something that be condemned in any being that be of any gender.

Pray for a day, where such pathetic beings realise their own deplorable existence and do change for benevolent and altruistic reasons for volunteerisms’ sake, or be their such climatic changes that make such existence nonexistent for the betterment of human survival!

Project survival has begun! Anyone care to join?