So here I am tossing and turning around in bed, trying to get some sleep after the usual turnout of being woken up by some spirit living in my room. Thanks to whatever it be the cause, I fail miserably at sleeping more than one hour at a stretch. Yes, it definitely ain’t fun. May be I am being punished for waking people up at weird times of the night. Not sure though. Life definitely hath weird ways of getting back at people! And I, I believe gets served with the biggest spoon available around. Privileged I am!

In any case, coming back to the point, while I be hence, my ever loving phone indicates that my attention is summoned by an SMS. Good old Adam dearest, wishing me for “Mother’s day” with a second SMS in line, stating “I like you”. For a few seconds I was not sure what to think of it. Was he high on something or was he cracking a joke (my first thoughts) So not to break my sleep which is had already been broken once, I ask him what it was all about. He says 8th May is Mother’s day! To which I needed to add that I am NO mummy!

He is confused. For some reason for some donkeys “months” he had believed I was a single mum! This is a nice thought, but then unfortunately I have no kid! Apart from the little one who is on my lap in some photos, and who people believe to be my kid, though she honestly is NOT.

So yes, the conversation ends with my explanation of the situation to which he ends up calling me a liar, since I had been convincing enough to make the poor soul believe for months that I had a child. I was sure I told him I was kidding or well believed him to not believe what I was saying! Then again, as trusting as some people are, and thanks to my ability of conviction, I am sure I fool many a people on a daily basis. (irony of course)

Well moral of the story, never joke that someone else’s kid is yours, cz some might actually believe it, and you might be the one left without a kid, and wishing you had one!


Oh and Happy Mother’s (or mummy’s) day to all out there! Specially to those single mums who are definitely making their kids proud!